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Bringing nature to work

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Inspired by a close up view into the fascinating petals of the night Phlox flower, the Phlox collection captures both the vitality and calming influence of nature. Consisting of chairs and tables of various shape, size and height, Phlox was designed to promote a serene environment, ensuring a gentle footprint where ideas flow, naturally.

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The Designer

Rainlight – an integrated design studio operating between offices in London and New York. Part Laboratory, part workshop, part studio, Rainlight combines inspired design thinking with business acumen to create products that enhance how people live, work, and play in the real world.


Every component of Phlox has been carefully considered to reduce environmental impact. The structural shell of the chairs uses 100% recycled material while the newly developed textile uses salvaged fishing nets from Japan’s seas. The unique and cohesive collection engages the senses with an assortment of delicate colors and sustainable materials.

Recycle materials - fishing net and plastic bottles
Firona office chair


A statement of style and identity

Dreamed by ITALDESIGN and engineered by Okamura, Finora brings the beauty of lightness with full features for advanced workplaces.

Drape office work pod


A minimalist pod for open offices

Drape is a minimal-sized pod with sound-absorbing capability. It takes up as little as four carpet tiles to build and transform open offices into a hub of concentration. 

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Okamura is located on the southeast corner of the 11th floor in the famed Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

From the first or second floors, you can take the Wells Street South Elevators to the 11th floor and turn left as soon as you exit. You won’t be able to miss us!

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